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Retail Security

The retail environment comes with a multitude of risks and a wide range of challenges for businesses. Due to this, highly trained teams of first-class security guards are needed for loss prevention and to act as a deterrent for potential offenders. We are able to offer exactly that.
We can proudly supply a range of retail security guard services who will act as the first person seen when entering your shop, retail outlet or supermarket. Our team, which hold a wealth of experience and expertise in this area, will be courteous and professional individuals which simply provide you with the assurance that your clients, employees and customers will be kept safe.
When working with us, we will provide you with a detailed security plan, tailored to your specific needs and site requirements. We will then continue to work with you to achieve outstanding security and develop and adapt any changes that we, or you, feel should be implemented.
Our fully qualified and licensed security members are trained to protect staff and deter crime, whilst representing our business and yours to the highest of standards. We want your customers to feel welcomed and comfortable in order to give your brand the best change of fulfilling a great profit margin on the services/products you offer. Our friendly team will be sure to make the environment an inviting one, helping you to achieve your customer goals and company safety.

We continue to achieve high levels of success through our motivated and dedicated team of
retail security staff, who prioritise clients and customers and deliver a unique approach
which offers a safe and secure environment for everyone.

Benefits of Manned Retail Security Guards

Not only will our Retail Security prevent thieves, they will also reassure and give confidence to customers / shoppers. Our Company offer a range of benefits to a retail premises. First a foremost, they offer a first barrier of defence against any individual who attempts to steal from your store. Secondly, All our Security guards are trained to spot any suspicious behaviour in individuals who look to be up to no good and a cause for concern. Thirdly, a retail security guard is another member of floor staff to help assist in the running of the store. As a friendly face for the public to approach for any assistance, and also have trust in keeping their assets and well being safe.  

Retail CCTV Services

Different retail establishments will have different security needs. This can all vary from the value of the products on sale, to the size of your retail outlet. One thing that we would highly recommend is investing in Remote CCTV Monitoring. A single pair of eyes cannot see everything happening within a store. However, a single pair of eyes can witness everything in a store that has multiple security cameras, all leading back to the same screen setup. There are multiple cctv benefits that must be considered when reviewing your retail security strategy.

Complete Security Solutions for Retail

To ensure that all basis are covered, Our management team recommends opting for a complete security package for your business. We know that every retail establishment will have its own unique needs, which is why Adapt Security offers custom built security packages, to ensure that your needs are met, and your retail establishment kept secure from thieves and anyone who may seek to cause harm to the public, your staff or your assets.

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