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Hotel and Hostel Security

First impressions are important, which is why our concierge service provides professional, polite, smartly dressed guards to conduct duties within the reception area.


We provide a dedicated service for the hotel and leisure industry and can tailor our services to your exact needs and create a safe and comfortable environment for your staff and customers. Protecting guests against assault or injuries, responding to unlawful conduct, and guarding against damage, theft and unauthorised access to premises are all skills our officers are extensively trained well equipped to handle, which could arise within leisure Industry setting. Our team ensure that your customers and guests feel comfortable throughout by acting as additional points of contact on the floor in public areas. We are equipped with a wide range of expertise securing all kinds of exhibitions, conferences and trade shows, we offer a range of secure solutions and options in this case.


To safeguard hostels by controlling access into the buildings and monitoring and managing risks to residents. Our operatives monitor and report/record entries of residents & visitors, health and safety issues, risks, repairs and any breaches. They conduct remote checks using CCTV & audio systems to ensure that the person seeking entry is a resident, or authorised visitor of the hostel. They will also have the responsibility for maintaining a full and accurate log of events and reporting on incidents and any maintenance issues.


Concierge Security From offices and universities to hotels and apartment blocks, concierge SIA guards are key to making guests, staff and residents feel safe and welcome. As both a first contact and first line of defence, you need to make sure that your concierge service is provided by a security company that you can trust.All of our operatives have additional experience or qualifications in customer service on top of their SIA licence.

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